Thanksgiving Thoughts

After enjoying a tea at the local coffee shop with Mari, I went shopping and felt overwhelmed by so many Christmas decorations. It’s not that I never noticed them. They showed up before Halloween.

This spoils the season for me.

When I go shopping, I do it in December.

But it’s more frugal to shop throughout the year, you might defend.

No doubt. I agree with you. There is nothing wrong with saving money by shopping ahead of time.

Except I don’t buy a lot of gifts. I try every year to be generous and yet show that Christmas is, and should be, simple. Gifts can come in all sizes and shapes, but I’ve observed that some tend to try to be bigger than the year before in their generosity. Every year I work on keeping Christmas in my heart by keeping the reason for the season first and foremost in my mind.

How do I do this?

  • Shop local. Gifts should be unique to the person.
  • Shop during the time of the season so the Christmas decorations mean something.
  • Buy small.
  • Bake instead of buying gifts.
  • Be generous with your time.
  • Hang out with your annoying elderly Aunt who smells like the forest floor, because she loves you and she means well even if she can’t bake very well.
  • Be small. This means come to the throne of God on your knees and remember that Jesus came and we need to share the Gospel. Wash others feet.


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