On “Every Mormon’s Need For Rest”

Answers in Genesis published an article on how to reach Mormons. Please share your thoughts on this in the comments. I know how I feel about it. Anyone who has a Mormon family understands the need for rest, especially when you need to get some space because Mormons feel the need to be with family all the time (you can’t see me, but I am making a face):

“There seems to have been a shift in recent years. As I was growing up as a Mormon, we were told that we weren’t the same as other churches because the true gospel had been restored through Joseph Smith. The typical Mormon today, however, seems to have a different emphasis: “Oh, we’re Christians, too.” So interacting with them can be a little tricky. Mormons use a lot of the same terminology—the atonement, baptism, the gospel—but mean something different. You have to take great care to draw out the meaning of those terms…” READ MORE

One thought on “On “Every Mormon’s Need For Rest”

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