Those Old Things

The Christmas things come out and Fall decorations get put away. It’s putting away the old to make room for the new.

My family and I got into another argument over Thanksgiving. It wasn’t about the things, but arguments that lots of families argue over. It made think though.

I have some things of my great-grandmother’s in my house, collecting dust. I  hold onto them because of the sentimental value, but they serve no real use except to become a home of some spider occasionally (shutter).

Mom has insisted over the years of taking them back if I don’t want them anymore. My great-grandmother wasn’t a Mormon. She was a Baptist. Or, at least, that’s what I recall in those rare, past conversations. No one talks about it.

I took down some of those things from the top shelf and put them on the table. Those old antiques aren’t worth anything. The memory from this particular object was of my mom arguing with my Uncle about who would get what after my great-grandmother passed away.

Make room for new things, I heard a whisper in the back of my mind.

So I sent a text to mom: “Do you want ____ back? I am cleaning house and it’s just collecting dust.”

Mom text me back in seconds: “YES.”

So the next several text messages were all about arrangements of picking them up or dropping them off. By the end of an hour, the table in my kitchen was full of junk.

I never realized how my great-grandmother never collected anything of any value. They were only as old as the 50s, from five and dime stores, and nothing that meant anything to me. My family hold things in high value over people.

I am a follower of Jesus, and He is teaching me to walk with my hands loosely holding onto those things that can be let go. Walking in faith, obeying Him, is not about what I can inherit. It’s about holding onto eternity tightly and letting the world and its things go so my life remains uncluttered.

What I hold instead of those things of my great-grandmothers’, is the memory of the time she invested in me and the hope that maybe, just maybe, she did know Jesus even if she didn’t talk about Him.

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