Just Jon Returns

Just Jon was sitting with Mari on Sunday. Mari told me in confidence that Just Jon had made up with his family.

“He comes to family gatherings, but he isn’t a part of it.” Mari said. “He comes to church because I ask him to.”

I saw that distraction on Sunday. Everyone bowed their heads at the expected time to pray and Just Jon kept his eyes fixed on the screen. I bowed  my head after a moment and prayed for him.

It’s hard on me to see someone in rebellion against God. I’m still not understanding what keeps him from seeking God. Mari and Just Jon have become good friends. They aren’t dating. Her heart is still hung up on the police man and will probably need time to heal. Just Jon still is dealing with his girlfriend and infant son.

How do you know how to be a dad when you didn’t have any examples to learn from? Our society is increasingly becoming fatherless, and it is affecting everything from people’s perception of God, the Father, to how they interact as a family.

The cycle needs to end. It starts with one generation saying, “I will not do what my father did, and instead, be the father to my —- no matter what. I will stay married to my wife even when things are very difficult.”

I squeezed S.M.’s hand tighter as I left church that day. I so appreciate him.


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