You are Going at This All Wrong


Read Matthew 26 and 27.

Why do I spend my dollars on a cable package? 

That’s what I thought as I clicked off the television Saturday and turned to God’s Word for my morning devotions. Even then, I let the Bible fall to my lap as I stared at my wall.

I think we’re going at this all wrong; this whole moral issue thing.

The focus of my discontent are all those so-called “reality” television shows that don’t show the belief of Christianity in its truth or on its best day. It’s on purpose. Controversy sells.

We’re all prone to suddenly stop going the speed limit and stare at a traffic accident on the side of the road thereby making everyone behind us grumble and become late. Distraction and fascination with wrong is the downside of human nature. Cable cashes in on it, and perhaps a few angry atheists, too.

Unbelievers miss what is in the story of the Gospel–the sacrifice of Jesus. He gave up His life for us in spite of our past and sometimes present disobedience. Unbelievers focus on the moralism in the story. When we can’t live up to the impossibly high standards of God, they write about it or plaster a fallen person on the television.

See, they say, he sinned after telling us we can’t sin. 

We tell unbelievers they can’t sin. How can they understand what sin is or why they can’t do something if they don’t believe in the God who asked His children not to sin?

  • Why do I choose not to get drunk?
  • Why do I choose not to do drugs?
  • Why do I choose not to lose my temper on someone whom I feel deserves to hear my wrath?
  • Why don’t I race up to the person who cut me off and force him off the side of the road or do worse?
  • Why don’t I just lie a little to get my way?
  • Why don’t I exact revenge on someone who wronged me?

Because I love God. He loves me, and He would be disappointed in me. Worse, I may suffer the consequences without mercy. He is, afterall, God. I am His creation. He is the only one I can count on in this life to love me perfectly.

As much as I love my church, someone there will let me down, even hurt me, or their sin may have unintended consequences that affect my life. That doesn’t affect how I love God or how He loves me. This world is sin.

We need to love Him more than our sin. Small decisions like apologizing, admitting someone else is more talented than you, or repenting of something you did wrong, are all things that keep us down to earth and humble. It’s love in action.

I will eventually be canceling my cable package. The internet gives me choices. I don’t need to pay for advertisements that are longer than the actual program, advertising programs on channels I don’t watch, or programs that dishonor my dysfunctional church family by taking the worst of us and putting them on the screen without actually understanding the belief system, and showing both sides.

No, I have better ways of spending my time, like sipping coffee with God, going for walks with S.M., and finding ways to make this world a better place to be til Jesus returns to take us home.


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