Why The Powerball Isn’t Enough


“Not again.” The words hissed out from between my lips.

The shelf had an empty spot between two other products. When you live in a town with one grocery store, you are more apt to run out of product. The next grocery store was 45 minutes away.

So I had to change my menu…again.

Life in the country is like that, and you roll with the changes. I put the other ingredients back on the shelves, and reassessed the week.

When I arrived home, S.M. was sitting in his favorite chair.

“Someone won the powerball.” He pointed to the television.

Someone in Los Angeles. I started to put away the groceries. A stack of mail sat on the corner of the counter, unopened. I quickly sifted through them and sighed. Someone won billions, and I wondered what it would be like not to have bills?

“I can’t imagine having that much money.” I said as I put the store brand whole wheat bread in the refrigerator.

“We could do everything we have ever wanted to do.” S.M. was dreaming again of far off places.

I tossed the plastic grocery bags under the sink and grabbed a soda from the refrigerator. “At some point, we would see everything we ever wanted to see. What would there be left to wish for? Everyone wants a lot of money, but history shows how that much money in most people’s hands, without earning it, is detrimental.”

“It’s also gambling.” S.M. agreed. “But still…”

“A sin.” I sat down and picked up a magazine. On the cover were the royals in Britain. “At one point, do they ever get bored with life?” I pointed to the cover.

S.M. shrugged and switched the channel to something else. I looked around our humble home. The trees outside swayed from the cold breeze. A winter light weakly filled the room. We both had a home when most people were two paychecks from being homeless. It’s not an easy life. Many have it much worse.

I kicked off my shoes and saw a hole beginning to form just above my big toe. “We are blessed.”

S.M. reached his hand across the void between our two chairs, and I grabbed it. We held hands for a moment, before he got into a news channel streaming politics. I sipped my cold soda and gave a happy sigh.

God is good.

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