National Curmudgeon Day

A friend told me it was National Curmudgeon Day.

Did you know I encounter those all the time? In fact, I encountered one the other day in an overheard conversation at the supermarket. I was just around the corner behind the Lucky Charms cereal display.

I recognized their voices.

It’s enough to say, without mentioning the sad details, every Christian needs to be aware of how their words impact others. The use of, “I,” “Me,” “Mine,” and “Our,” is exclusive of anyone outside that language.

In the context of their conversation, it broke my heart because their language excluded me and everyone who thought like me. It made me think of my own attitude. I began to hear echoed conversations in my mind, and wondered if my language was exclusive like that?

Am I loving people who are different without sacrificing a biblical worldview? Or am I worried about aesthetics?

I quickly walked away from the Lucky Charms display, upset at what I heard, and knew that I couldn’t be friendly if I were to encounter them in that aisle. I saw them checking out and stayed away til they left the market. I’d rather keep a distance than say something I may not regret.

My pastor says our Christian family is dysfunctional. I agree with him. So I focus on the people at my church who love me when I am grumpy, walk with me when I am too silly, and who put up with me in general.

Heck, I’ve probably been taken the wrong way numerous times or not met someone’s expectations. Either way, I also need to be careful of my public conversations, too.

Read more about National Curmudgeon Day here. 


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