Why Road Trips are So Important

S.M. ended the phone call with an impatient flick of his finger. He tossed the phone on the other end of the couch and slumped in his seat. I knew that look.

It was the look that said, “They let me down again.” 

Family can be difficult.

So we took a road trip on Sunday. We visited a lake and walked the whole length of it. Pine permeated the air. Squirrels ran away from us, their tails twitching. The sun warmed our backs while the little movement of air cooled our faces. People fished on the shores.

The two hour drive ended with water and silence so the two hour drive back home was more upbeat. Sometimes, when a heart is heavy, it takes light to chase away the darkness. For two introverts, spending time among our spiritual family wouldn’t have eased his heartache. It wouldn’t have untangled the knots in our hearts.

God’s creation did this as we ended up sitting and walking for hours next to a peaceful lake. When we came home, it didn’t bother us that no one issued an apology because we were at peace with what happened. God made that peace possible. People can’t love as fully as God and people may not have enough love in them to meet the needs in our hearts. We just have to accept that and move on.

The evening was spent reading, channel surfing, and joking about nonsensical things.

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