Why You Should Let go of Idealism

In 2008, my friends said they wouldn’t vote for Romney because of his Mormon beliefs. Nearly eight years later, we are in a mess.

It’s time to understand the world doesn’t work in an ideal manner. This means, you will never find a perfectly “Christian” candidate. This doesn’t mean you are no less obligated to make a decision. Not voting is the same as casting a vote for the other candidate.

So whether you are Democrat or Republican, make a decision. Make the best decision you can make with what is offered.

We need to be ideal with a sense of reality. And the reality facing believers are serious.

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Let go of Idealism

  1. Actually, I don’t want people voting who choose candidates (for or against) based on their professed religion, because only God knows if they are lying about it to pander for votes. I want to know that a candidate is ETHICAL and honest, that they do what they say they will do, and have done so before. Just below that minimum requirement of character, they should support some of the same policies I do.

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