Don’t Make Google Mad

“You really want a shake?” S.M. said. He looked over at me from the drivers side of our car, sunlight washing over his face.

“I really have a craving.” I want to add, I am also not pregnant. It’s just one of those cravings you get for something particular. Nothing else will satisfy that craving.

“So where is a Sonic in this town?” He looked to the left and right, veering sharply to avoid something in the road.

I picked up my new phone and asked Google. “Here we go. I got it. Isn’t technology amazing?”

“Technology!” S.M. laughed out loud after saying that. “You really want to trust that thing?”

I pressed ‘navigate.’ “Do as she says.”

S.M. rolled his eyes while following Google’s calmly spoken directions. We drove among desert hills and scrub brush. Commercial buildings and housing developments broke up the scenery, getting more clustered as we drove. A dry wash cut through the low rolling hills into the distant horizon and we crossed over that on a bridge.

When Google said turn right, S.M. turned and the commercial buildings became wide open desert and housing developments.

“Turn left.” Google said. “You have arrived at your destination.”

We were at a four way stop in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

“I don’t see that fast food place.” S.M. looked around. “Google was wrong…again.”

“Do you remember the movie with that computer that took over the space ship? His name was Hal? Well, Google heard everything you said about her so she misdirected us.”

S.M. laughed at my joke. We turned around, giving up on the shake, and continued on our way home.

“Oh, look!” I pointed as we passed the fast food place fifteen minutes later.



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