Your Pain is so Deep


Your pain is so deep. You are searching. You are in the middle of this vast ocean, down below the surface, drowning, kicking vainly to get to the surface where the light looks bent and distorted.

But you can’t get to the sweet oxygen to breathe deeply heavenly air.

Jesus is plunging His hand into the ocean.

Just grab it. Just hold on.

Help is here. It is coming.

And when you finally grasp His hand and He pulls you to the surface, you can fill your lungs with oxygen and tread water. While the struggle is not done yet, you can see the distant shore.

And you swim. Jesus guides you.

One day, you will reach the breaker. The waves will push you to the shore. For a time, you’ll feel as if the waves are pushing you under, pulling you up, and pushing you under again, but keep holding on to Jesus.

Then, it will happen. Your hands will sink into soft sand.

You will lift your wet head, hair dripping sea water, and you will be on land again.

Solid ground.


Just keep swimming. You don’t swim alone.

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