Monday Musings


I’m sitting here on my couch and watching the 1997 movie, The Saint. It features Val Kilmer who disguises himself as different Catholic saints as he steals things from other even worse bad guys. How many people have disguised themselves in your life as people of trust only for you to discover their true motivations? 

Articles are written on how to market to you. Media is used to manipulate your emotions and thinking. The LDS church do a great job with the media. They know what you need and how to move you emotionally.

It’s hard to determine who is sincere and who is trying to sell you something. Even your favorite author is trying to sell books, though they may be sincere at some level. A person can only have so many true friends. The rest of the crowd are acquaintances. Who am I?

I am a former Mormon. That’s all you need to know. The people in the Garden of Eden community know me.

I love having coffee with them and sharing my story. Sometimes, we’re dysfunctional as a family of God. It’s all good though.

From this distance, I hope to get to know you. That’s why I started my small group (meeting May 29). Let’s talk and study the Bible together. Let’s tackle the questions of what happens when we die, why do bad things happen, and how do we cope with our doubts?

Email me:

I’m waiting. Talk to me.

I prefer private conversation. You are more than welcome to email me in lieu of a comment or contact me via social media.

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