Sitting Reflections #LifeChurch

The lake reflected this year’s lack of rain. I sat on a rock on Friday and watched the deep blue surface of the lake shimmer beneath the wind and sun. I watched as the reeds bowed to the persistent wind. Even though I knew this area had received lots of snow and rain, the lake didn’t reflect it.

At one point, the lake at its fullest went right to the log fence! 

God, I felt, has me leading a small group with Life Church this year. With Bible illiteracy at its peak in America, I was feeling convicted myself. Like the lake, people need to fill their souls again with Living Water. Too many of us are parched.

You see, I’m just a woman and not a pastor, but I shiver beneath the weight of James 3:1. So please understand I take my Bible seriously and I take your struggles seriously, too. That’s why I decided to start with Dr. David Jeremiah’s, What to do When You Don’t Know What to Do. 

Parched like the lake, we are struggling to find God; to discover Him in a new and profound way. Too many times we try other sources to find that fulfillment, making belief in Him much more difficult than He intended.

Some time ago I remember someone telling me a story about a wound healing. A company created this soothing ointment to help wounds heal, but people rejected it. Why? Because it didn’t hurt. Why do we think the medicine needs to hurt or be difficult to apply?

So the company added something to make the wound sting when the ointment was applied. This satisfied people. We look to religion because we think worship needs to look like or feel like something, even add other teachings to make the medicine feel like medicine.

Jesus died on the cross for us. He took the lashings, the cross, and everything and bore the world’s sin on His body. Three days later, He was resurrected. He visited the disciples before He went back to Heaven. God in human form. Have you ever contemplated that in your heart? Why would God want to become human?

I think about this a lot, especially as I sat on that rock staring across His creation. James teaches us some interesting things, like how faith and works are together, but only faith in Him who died can bring us Salvation. Works is the fruit of our belief, not a requirement of getting to Heaven. We’ll talk more about this on Sunday.

Join me, and let’s drink deeply of the Living Water.


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