Living Secrets

She rarely leaves the house. As I sat on the porch, my bare feet skimming over the new concrete, I kept glancing over at her front door. How do you talk to someone who never leaves the house?

I picked up my glass of lemonade and cradled it in my hands. The clouds were building in the sky. S.M. would arrive home soon from work.

“Hi,” I practiced the scene in my mind. “My name is__________. Want to sit with me and have some lemonade?” 

I winced and took a sip of my drink as the lameness of that role playing settled on my mind. Once in a while, my neighbor stands out in the driveway and talks to that rare friend, but it is always when I am busy.

How do you break though that defense?

I have lots of questions, like what do they believe? What kind of family life do they live out?

Do they know Jesus?

I gulped down some more lemonade and stood from the seat. A conversation obviously won’t happen today. The cars are in the driveway. The blinds are tightly shut in the front windows. I walked back inside the house and shut the door.

Now, what to make for dinner?

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