Cold, Cold World

I’m sitting in my living room, hiding from the world. The sun is bright, pushing away any and all shadows, full of that cheer and joy someone like me wants to avoid today.

Even with the curtains drawn, my phone rings. It is a friend who really needs a good listener. I told God that I would be available. This usually means never when I am in the mood to be around people.

She talks. I listen. I prop my feet on the coffee table and slump deeper into the couch. I hear every word. My mind retreats farther back as she cries over the phone. When we end the call, she feels better; I feel worse.

That’s the way it is sometimes; the listener becomes drawn into the world of the talker and shares that burden unintentionally.

I open my Bible and begin to unload her and my burden at God’s feet. The good news is: we are not alone in this cold, cold world.

God is here.

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