When It Rains

As I lay in bed, the rain fell. Thunder crashed in the sky while lightening obliterated the darkness in blue. S.M. quietly slumbered next to me. I stared at the dark ceiling, wide awake, and unable to sleep.

Things are not easy worldwide: ISIS, the economy, unrest, and divide. Violence erupts everywhere but in the Garden of Eden. Yet, the rain falls from heaven like tears. It would be easy to lay here and worry about what may or may not happen tomorrow.

Airports blow up. 

Natural disasters. 

Angry people losing it. 

We’re turning on each other, and we could lose heart if we get wrapped up in the hate. Our rights trump our neighbor’s rights. Our comfort means more to us than our neighbor’s comfort. We would rather kill someone with our compassion than actually give real help even if, at first, they reject it.

I close my eyes finally, lightening still flashing behind the skin of my eyelids. It’s not bad yet. We can sleep in relative safety.

Tomorrow I’ll wake up. The rain will be gone. The sun will come out again. I rest in God’s strength, not my own.

I rest.

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