On Quoting the Bible

“Why don’t you quote the Bible more often in your blog posts?” Mari asked me one day.

We’ve become very good friends. So I told her of my little secret–this blog, my online group. “I guess I am afraid,” I said, “of misquoting the Bible.”

Anytime I quote the Bible in these dear letters to you, I always use Matthew Henry’s commentary to get some context. I don’t want to bear the burden of misleading you or disrespecting God’s Word.

That’s what happens when you leave Mormonism and become a Christian. You get very paranoid about how you quote the Bible and even sensitive about sources who write theological commentaries. We see things others who are not from Mormonism see.

So, if I don’t quote the Bible enough, I’m working on that as the Bible is very powerful indeed and the final authority where Christianity is concerned.

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