It’s been a blistering hot summer. The fan has been turning almost non-stop. I spend a lot of time outdoors in the Summer. I like to watch the storms roll in and the sky grow dark. The sound of the rain on the roof at night is like a lullaby, well, except for when the thunder explodes in the sky and lightening streaks across it.

As an old country song says, “It’s only the wind.”

I’ve been thinking a lot these days of how wacky our world is turning. So many families are dysfunctional. So little thought on the value of life.

People will blame things, of course, like guns, violent movies, or something–anything–to bring them comfort. Quick solutions. Put us all in a padded room and keep us separated from each other in a sterile environment.

Yeah, that doesn’t work. 

Ecclesiastes gives me much comfort. There’s a time for everything. Seasons. Like when the rain falls in hard sheets in the Summer storms, snow blankets the mountains and hills, and spring blooms like an art festival in the middle of concrete and glass; full of color and life. Life is so messy.

Stop running from God. Jesus is the only solution. You can try to take all of the goodness of Him out of our schools, your lives, and even make Him illegal in the country or, like the Nazi’s, burn books and regulate free thought. He is more powerful than anything man can do to His people.

And we want you to be one of us. The Bible is an open invitation. It’s sin, not God, that makes us unhappy most of the time. Sin feels so good though that we don’t always see it as a problem.


My season right now is Fall. The leaves changing color, detaching themselves from the tree that gave them life, and falling like snow to the cobblestone walkways. They gather in the gutters and against the curbs. The tree is bare, waiting, always waiting. That’s where I am. I am waiting for Spring again. Spring is when this transitional state will end.

What about you? What season are you in right now? 

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