It’s Dark Outside

It’s like night has fallen.

Everywhere the light has gone out.

A truck mows over 77 people in France.

Anonymous declares a “Day of Rage.”

Black Lives Matters closes down highways and byways.



Night, thick like oil, oozing over the world.

It’s dark outside, and I am not afraid.

I look for the light.

It is in my faith in the Bible; in a God who is greater than this night.

I ignore the posts of night online and look for the light.

And the stories are bright; so bright that it cuts through the dark like a blade through a dark curtain. And I see the light. I can see God working through people even as the night tries to envelope it, hide it from view. Races working together. Cops working with African-Americans. Love shining brighter than the hate.

And I am encouraged.

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