Why Connections are Hard For You

Having a difficult time connecting with a church is a common complaint if you come from a dysfunctional home life. It makes sense why you can’t connect with people around you. Your past (or present) taught you a painful lesson about trusting people, loving people, or letting them in.

People want to love you. Really. 

But people will let you down, too.

We make mistakes.

This disconnect won’t last though. Just keep trusting God. Immerse yourself in the Bible. Take baby steps. Go on a Men or Women’s Retreat and stay overnight. Trust that God will heal your broken heart even if some at your church or home let you down.

You have to trust someone at some level at some point. Going through life not trusting anyone is pointless and even depressing. Many people in my life blessed me, but only after I risked my heart to give them some level of trust. Some people in my life let me down and it broke my heart, but I continue to risk trust to find friendship.

It’s walking in faith. My faith is not in people, but in a greater God. Each relationship adds something to my growth as a Christian. The reward is greater than the pain.

You can do it. Give yourself time.

I prefer private conversation. You are more than welcome to email me in lieu of a comment or contact me via social media.

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