The Christian Doesn’t Wait for Tea



“The internet is evil,” The woman at church said to me when I mentioned my blog. “I’m not on Facebook.”

And all I could think about was my niece.

She’s a Mormon. Her enthusiasm for her church oozes from her virtual pores. She shares photos of her youth group, her notes from her studies, and when she serves. She celebrates her church’s history and their sense of community. She does this on Facebook while my own people say, “The internet is evil,” and share innocuous cat videos and vague articles that reference scripture (or lurk silently without participation).

None of what they share tell me about their enthusiasm for their home church, what they are going through, or what they celebrate. What does their social media posts say about them as a Christian?

Mentally, I threw up my hands as the skin between the woman’s eyes wrinkled and her eyes looked on me in disdain. I pretended to get distracted by a friend in the crowd.

“I’ve got to go!” I smiled and gave the woman a hug. “Great meeting you.”

She nodded and said, “Are you coming to the tea next Saturday at church?”

“Um,” I fished through my purse and took out my paper calendar. “No,” I said. “I have plans.” The calendar was actually blank. I had no plans. Tea didn’t appeal to me, especially in that mood. So I said, “Maybe next time.”

I walked out of the church building and me and S.M. drove home. I went to my computer and logged into Facebook. The Christian goes to the church building to worship and serves out of love outside of the church building through many mediums, but the Christian doesn’t wait for people to come to tea (although there is nothing wrong with a fun tea) or to a church function. They function outside the church building, sharing their love and enthusiasm for the Gospel, for their people, and their home church.

Love and joy were never meant to be kept locked in the silent thoughts of an individual.

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