To Suddenly Just STOP

It feels like I have spent weeks running from one thing to another. My new favorite book sits unread on my coffee table. I haven’t bought natural honey for my tea in months. The To-Do list is never ending. Do you know how bad its been?

I haven’t enjoyed just living life. I forget to do this.

So yesterday I just stopped. I cleared my mind and stopped, picked up my favorite book, poured a glass of new wine, and opened the front door to listen to the music of the rain on the pavement.

The television was silent.

Part of being a Christian is just enjoying this life God has given us, too. Serving is wonderful, and being responsible, well, it’s being responsible; but resting is important. As a former Mormon, I find rest difficult.

Mom was an avid worker bee growing up, insisting when I was a young adult that I needed to DO SOMETHING. In other words, earn God’s love. It’s hard for me to consider prayer as part of “duty” when it doesn’t feel like serving. It mimics resting.

Today, look up all the verses where God rested. Focus on that the rest of this week. You don’t have to show people you are always serving, always doing, or being a good church member. You can simply be yourself with God. You don’t have anything to prove to other people.

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