Token Involvement

While I won’t reveal my age here, I will say people consider me young. My experience has both been bad and good in this. Lately, our church has been focused on bringing in young families. The past few years I have been the token young person at events or in planning groups.

If you want to bring in young families, make their experience meaningful. Make it matter. Make what they say matter.

The other day a Senior Adult was made the token old person. The group didn’t need the help, but they involved him because of his age.

If I were a Senior Adult, I’d feel the same way as I feel now about being a token young person on a group: I don’t want my time wasted with so many needs in this world to fill. I want what I do to matter, to be meaningful.

It is important for a church to bring in young families as it is important for a church to celebrate their older humans. We need each other and every one of us wish to be valued.

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