Everyone is So Busy!

This summer has shipwrecked my plans to get together with friends. Everyone is so busy! Good intentions crashing on the black rocks of the to-do list. This whole area is always busy. Maybe that’s why my neighborhood and other neighborhoods are so isolated?

No one has time for anyone else. I think we have lost the art of being still; of being interrupt-able; of being in fellowship with the world around us.

I was able to get a few together this past weekend, but getting them to say yes to something was a monumental effort. Of course, it’s been that way for years here. Nothing has changed in the Garden of Eden.

I remember my younger years how easy it was to get on a bike and meet friends at the school down the street. Sure, we grew up, acquired bills, families, and responsibilities, but I wonder if all the clutter in our lives are really necessary?

Sometimes, Christians are so like Mormons this way: we do ministry, we do family, and we do everything in a frantic race til we drag ourselves out of this life in a weary heap into Heaven.

We won’t have to fall at Jesus’ feet after we die; we’ll already be on the ground, exhausted!

If we are to be the example of Christ to others, we need to learn to wander in the garden.  It is okay to not have every hour scheduled.

I prefer private conversation. You are more than welcome to email me in lieu of a comment or contact me via social media.

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