I sit in my hammock with a down jacket as a pillow. The breeze is reminiscent of fall, but the sun says Summer is still here. I love to sit here and read my book.

For a moment, all is peaceful in the world. There are no complicated relationships, falling outs, or misunderstandings. It’s simple living. A Gatorade sits on my make-shift side table. A fly buzzes past my face. Somewhere high above my hammock entangled in the boughs of the pines is a network of spider webs.

S.M. occasionally makes a sound or says something. I laugh at whatever it is, but I am so content. I don’t want to leave, but tomorrow we leave. I go home, back to my world, and the people I have come to love (on occasion dislike).

That is what loving is afterall…learning to love, give grace, understanding, and maybe, just maybe acknowledge that you don’t know everything you think you know.

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