Not a Fan

I read something that talked about a woman who heard a business opportunity during a prayer meeting and chose to try to sell her product to the person with the prayer request during the prayer meeting.

Home businesses are becoming a regular thing on my Facebook news feed. We’ve replaced real community with parties; real statuses with clever sales of I’m-Not-Really-Selling-Anything-But; and tender moments shared with, “I have a cure for that. Want to know more?” I have a close friend who has a home business, but she thinks of the person, not as a wallet, but as a person. Others though have made me feel like a business opportunity.

It’s a tough to make ends meet. We want financial independence. We don’t want those red and yellow colored past due notices to come in the mail. We are tired of our clothing fraying and our socks getting holes in them. We don’t want to be rich, but we’d like to not worry that someone is going to send a collections agency after us when we’re doing the best we can to honor our debts.

So I am not a fan of home based businesses unless you can be human about it.  That’s why I only buy from home-based businesses that are friends I wish to support, because usually I don’t need the products.