What Every Mormon Should Ask

He handed me two books:

We had been corresponding for quite some time, and a chance visit to Utah for S.M. to see some colleagues led us to meet at a Chick Fil A in Provo, Utah.

He shared with us his testimony. I also learned he is a missionary with Missions Door. People say other LDS people get offended when a non-Mormon questions their theology. I can assure you, dear friend, Marvin was a Mormon. He has a website called, Utah Publications. I urge you to look through it. Feel free to email me your thoughts.

His bio on the site reads:

Marv’s relatives were Mormon pioneers in the Salt Lake area. His parents were sealed to each other and to their children for eternity in a Mormon temple ceremony. Marv served as a deacon and teacher in the LDS Aaronic priesthood before being confronted with the biblical Gospel as a teenager.

After receiving Christ as Savior, Marv graduated from Denver Seminary with an M.Div., and in 1987 Western Seminary conferred an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree on him.