#Election Night

S.M. insisted on watching the elections. I picked up a book to read, stretching full length on the couch. I wasn’t interested in either candidate, but like many American Christians, we had to choose because it is our civic duty.

Very soon, I put the book down, my eyes watching the numbers. I have to say, election night was not boring. The morning after would bring us Trump as President and a lot of tweets falsely accusing others of not voting for Hilary because she’s a woman or others who identify as sexual assault victims saying we disappointed them because we voted for Trump.

In reality, neither party loved their candidates and they weren’t ideal, but it was what we had to choose from. If you voted, congratulations! Thank you for doing your duty as an American citizen. Thank you for making some very difficult choices.

But our political candidates will not be our salvation. Corruption happened in America because we allowed it with our own bad decisions.

We need to clean up our own lives before we throw stones.