Congratulations, Rioters

Thank you for destroying cars that people have to make claims now on their insurance who still have payments to make on those loans. Those are hard working people who may even agree with your political viewpoint (or not). They live paycheck to paycheck. Now their insurance rates will be higher for a while because they made a claim.

Thank you for vandalizing and trashing the businesses in your area. Those are people who provide jobs to people who need to feed their families. They will have to file claims with their insurance and spend time cleaning up your mess.

Thank you for blocking roadways so people, tired from a long day at work, can’t get home and spend time with their families. We only spend 8 hours a day, five to seven days a week, at our place of employment.

If you really care about our country, get back to work, go back to school, study hard, stop causing harm to others, and do your part to help people in your community. If you really believe in what Hillary said, then listen to her speech. It was beautiful.

So congratulations, rioters, on causing harm to others. Please don’t make future claims that you care about our country or ask us to jump on your social justice causes when you demonstrate clearly that you only care when it is convenient to your political causes or your need to be noticed.

Meanwhile, I am going to return to non-political posts this week and ignore you. There are real people out there with real hurts who suffer in silence. I want to be there for them and love on them even if they didn’t vote for my candidate.


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