The Teacher’s Strike

They had this strike in high school. All the teachers, or most of them, were walking out of class. A few students were genuine when they chose to stand by their teachers and walk with them. The rest of the school used this as an excuse to ditch.

Students streamed from the school to different places. We knew we had to return to class eventually, but who were we to not take advantage of a political stand and get a break from school?

To the news, it probably looked like the whole student body stood by the teachers. In reality, most of us didn’t care. It’s all perception. The media probably used us. We were unaware of the public perception.

And silly me, I was such a ditcher that I never ventured farther than the stadium bleachers with my friends. Mom would have grounded me if I came home early or was seen walking the streets and participating in this so-called, “walk out.” I feared her more than I feared God. At that time in my life, this was true.

I should have feared God more than Mom.