How Often Do I Check My Email? #LifeGroups

I check my email about once per week. So if there is a delay in answering you, please don’t be disheartened. You can find me on Google+ and Twitter where I check that more frequently.

My email: I prefer emails to comments which is why my comments are disabled. I found that genuine people don’t leave comments; they send an email. I love private email over public comments because you are more likely to get to the heart of the matter and you will feel braver about talking confidentially.

To give your heart rest from any misgivings about talking to me, Life Church has vetted me through a background check. They know who I am in real life. So, I hope this helps you trust me more.

We start our first Video Bible Study on Sunday, 6 p.m. MST. Please preview the video with the notes provided from this group. That’s tomorrow!

This group is for people with little time on their hands. We post the video a month prior and meet a few weeks later. The times we meet will be varied so we can hit everyone’s availability.

Our former group is still in operation. For those who are still working on finding time to finish Chapter One, I’m still available to do that study. I just need to know WHEN.

Love, Sarah