Belief in Practice


I like mornings like this when the sky is a soft gray. The forest is changing into winter apparel. The air is cold, beckoning for hot cocoa or tea with organic honey, and a good movie, snuggled up next to my husband. Mornings make leaving the house difficult.

Belief in practice looks like this when leaving comfortable is hard to venture out to the uncomfortable. Friends call and I need to devote time to them. God puts people in my path and my to-do list is skewed for the rest of the day.

This morning I have to venture out into the cold to see a friend. I have to get out of my Pj’s and actually comb my hair on my day off. S.M. is off, too, and this makes it more difficult. This is belief in practice.

It’s not a belief from a foundation of “have-to” because I am a Christian or the church demands I do something. Or because of some silly and wrong belief that somehow doing will make me get to heaven or to some higher heaven (not in the Bible).

It’s because I love my friend. I love her because the Lord taught me how to love and I want to please Him because of my love for Him. She’s not a difficult friend to love though as others can be. That’s when my belief is really put into practice; when I am called to visit a difficult person or someone different than me.

Like Thanksgiving. Don’t we all have difficult relationships in family that we paste on a smile and bear through? How do we do this? How do we continue those relationships without the Lord softening our hearts, editing our tongue, and helping us withstand barbed words, hidden agendas, and false beliefs?

Those are times when I rely most heavily on His Word. I don’t want to be more like me; I want to be more like Him. 

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