When You Are Unsure…

(Hint: Not a picture of me. It has a pretty hat.)

Don’t ever commit to something if you harbor doubts or are unsure of all the facts. Under pressure or a desire to want something, we may give in despite our doubts or lack of facts just to shut down the pressure or to want to have that thing really, really bad.

I saw a shirt I liked. I bought the shirt without trying it on. It was such a pretty color, but I had no idea that it was one of those shirts that was skin tight. The size was correct, but it was made to emphasize all my curves-er-fat rolls. I wore it anyway in spite of my discomfort, but eventually the shirt ended up at the bottom of my drawer and eventually to the Good Will.

Don’t “buy in” unless you are sure, because in some instances “buying into” an idea or product has consequences. In my case, $20 gone and a picture I wish I could burn with me wearing that shirt.