I’ve been ignoring politics for years now. I realized that my focus needs to be on what God’s will is for my life. I need to be more other-centered. That’s my message to you today as you head to work.

  • Stop bashing others for their political beliefs; talk to them.
  • Stop treating people like second-class people.
  • Do be kind to them.
  • Stop for a moment to talk to others and hang out with people who don’t share your worldview.

Love is the greatest commandment. We treat it conveniently instead of understanding its inconvenience and difficulty.

  • Love means stopping your to-do list and honoring others with your time.
  • Love means going beyond a “like” on Facebook and having a private or public chat.
  • Love means pausing in the middle of the day to take time out for yourself.
  • Love means serving in your church and community.
  • Love means putting your spouse first.
  • Love is commitment. Get married. Stop shacking up.
  • Love puts God first, not last.
  • Love is tough. It tells the truth. It doesn’t wrap it in lies to protect the feelings of someone for a moment; a moment that won’t bring them closer to God. Love wraps that truth in relationship.
  • Love is sacrifice.

I’m sitting here, by the way, watching the movie, The Nativity, and understanding how love painted in the Bible is different than the love we speak of in the world. If Jesus came on Christmas, died, and rose again on Easter for us, a gift we cannot compare to any other gift, then why do we live as if He never came on Christmas and never died and rose again for us?