Oh, That Fake News!

She shared a meme on her social media account. I clicked on comment to point out the fallacy of that meme.

Was this worth starting a debate?

After ten minutes thinking and writing out a response on the comment line, I pounded the back button to delete the entire thing.

A friend said to me, “People don’t spend five minutes to check out the facts of what they are sharing.” It’s so true.

One day, I shared a story that sounded true. I forgot to check on the facts, and was immediately corrected by a well-meaning friend. I deleted it. I was ashamed.

Fake news is on everyone. From the guy in Greece who made thousands on circulating fake news to the news sources who spin headlines and videos (edited out of context) to start or encourage riots or change, and even to the person like you and me who don’t make the extra effort to check the facts of a meme or story, we are all guilty of fake news.

We can’t accuse someone else of doing it when we can’t take five minutes before we press share to think about it.