A Pet Peeve

When I was a cashier, my biggest pet peeve were customers who belatedly dug out a penny or a quarter after the register had given change, causing me to have to work it out in my head under the pressure of a long line of customers with the worry that my till may not balance if I do it wrong. 

Or the people who bring the whole ad and force the cashier to help them cut out and look for coupons while everyone in line waits. The cashier has to help the customer with this and can’t just send them off to the side to cut out their coupons while the cashier runs through the next order.  In the name of “customer service,” everyone waits for the person who didn’t plan ahead. 

Lastly, the person with over fifteen items in the express lane because they count 20 jars of baby food and 15 cans of Del Monte as two items (actually, heard this conversation). The cashier can’t say anything because she would get into trouble for upsetting the customer.

What if people were considerate of each other? 

  • Have your change ready and stop the cashier before she rings it out to give that penny or quarter (or just take the change please). 
  • If you forgot to cut out coupons, pick up an ad and spend ten minutes prior to shopping ripping them out. 
  • Remember that people go through the express line for a reason. Be cognizant of this and choose the regular lines for bigger orders.