This Should Happen More Often

I am reminded of why I am online.

For the longest time, no one mentored me. No one walked beside me, spent time with me, or helped me become who I am today until a couple of years ago and recently.

People should take the time to invest in people. Mentoring is what creates community and helps people cope. I am sad to say that this is not common in my area, but since my experience in the Christian church is not very long, I can’t say for certain if it is a common thing in churches.

I can only say it’s been a rare experience for me. It’s been pleasant, helpful, and a growing step as I see places where improvement is needed. Mentoring is an art.

Too much negative feedback and you are defeated. Too much positive and you think you can do no wrong. Your ego is too big to fit in the room. That balance is an art.

If you need mentoring, I am here. Just email me:

I’m listening.