Just a Misunderstanding

“God was all I had left,” the article quoted a former refugee–a Rwandan fleeing genocide–in an article by The Higher Calling.

I read this sipping my Earl Grey, watching the sunlight blink as it reflected off some remaining icicles, and rubbed my favorite, warm sweater. What if we learned about people groups rather than generalize them in one ugly pile of social media waste? If we learned their names, understood their histories, and thought before we spoke or posted, maybe our social media would become a tool for good?

America, you’ve become a follower–a member of mob mentality going where the hashtag leads. 

All week my newsfeed has been overwrought with hysteria. The issue of immigration will always be complex, not one-sided. Legitimate security and economic issues exist. Immigration is buried in red tape. And we are required to show our love to the refugee, legal or illegal. We also need to give respect to those with concerns on both sides of the political spectrum, but not politicize the issue so much we lose sight of compassion.

Christianity is not one-sided. It straddles Republican and Democrat, challenges our points of view, and causes us to be counter-cultural, genteel, and loving (in most cases, though I wish I could say this was every case), apart from the world.

This refugee’s name is, Alphonse.

His country is Rwandan. That’s not his identity. He was resettled in Texas. That’s not his identity either.

He’s a brother believer born in Rwanda, who fled the genocide, and now lives in Texas.

My Muslim neighbor has a name. He’s not yet my brother. One day I hope he becomes my brother in Christ. I hope I can share with him what God has done in my life and the power behind the words of the Bible.

I loved this quote from The High Calling article:

Sometimes, when I come across an angry Facebook post or tweet about refugees, I see Alphonse’s face. I remember the day I dropped him off at home, and how proud Alphonse was of the small house he’d bought.

Here’s my question for you:

How does posting memes that illustrate a political viewpoint of Islam help Muslims discover the Jesus of the Bible when all they see is your hate, offense, or anger?

Offended people stop listening.

That’s why I am not interested in your debate whether Mormonism is legitimate or not. I want only sincere people who want to know the Jesus of the Bible. I want only to talk to people who have serious questions.

Email me: sistersarah40@yahoo.com.

I’m listening.