Walking in a Snow Storm

He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” – Mark 4:35-41

My nose felt glued to the windows of our living room. I was waiting for the first snowflake. My coat and gloves hung on the back of a chair. Because the doctor wants me to exercise, I take regular walks.

The sky was gray and growing heavy by the hour, but suddenly it happened! And the snow fell, the wind blew, and I dressed warm, and headed outside. The wind brought the temperatures down so the snow stung my face, sticking to my skin and jacket, even sliding down my neck beneath the collar of my coat.

I walked through the storm. I turned my face to the wind, and after a while, the storm calmed. The snow still fell, but gently this time. The world was white and quiet. This was the part I loved when the storm gentled and my feet crunched on the streets.

Thank you, Lord.