The Man #FOMO


He didn’t fit in with the suits, the ironed slacks, or the carefully adorned women at church. Nothing he wore coordinated. His hair stuck upwards around his face and he wore a multi-colored scarf.

It’s amusing to watch people when someone who doesn’t “fit” walks into church service. That’s when you know whether the pastor’s sermon is being applied; when people notice the person who doesn’t fit in and decides to treat them like they are one of them.

Maybe it’s judgmental. 

Maybe it’s sadistic. 

Or maybe it’s a thermometer, taking the temperature of our church and how well it accepts and loves our surrounding community? 

After ten minutes of suits shuffling past, a young couple leaves their seat and walks over to him. I can’t hear their conversation. They sit with him all morning. Later, as I stood at the doorway, I watched him shuffle up the street.

I never saw him again.

Even when people accept you, do you find that your walls remain up like the barracks of a military base, never letting anyone see your emotions? Heaven forbid, anyone is allowed in to see your mess. We might judge you. We might not like you.

You couldn’t be farther from the truth.

That young couple (and me) sincerely wanted to know you.

Why didn’t you let us in? Why did you walk away? It wasn’t pity that brought them to you. I know them. Why do you gravitate towards people who aren’t healthy for you and run from people who love you? 

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