The Facial Expressions


When she learned that I lead a super-secret small group online for former or current Mormons, she made a face.

You know the face. The wrinkles come out around the lips, the shutters in the eyes come down, and a sneer is in the voice. It’s the why-would-you-do-that face.

“Face to face is the only way.” She said after making the face.

“Noooo…” and I paused to take a sip of tea. Deep breath, I thought to myself. Deep breath. “The online world is a community as much as the face-to-face world. Life Church has online and face-to-face churches. Video makes it possible to be face-to-face.”

“But you are anonymous.” She said. “How do you measure results?”

“It’s not about results.” And I launched into the heart of my ministry to you. I talked about the different people I’ve met online, described the conversations (without breaking your confidences), and her frown became a half-smile.

“I see.” Translated to mean, she didn’t really see.

It’s more difficult to start an anonymous type of Bible Study. You don’t know who I am which is why I was background checked through Life Church and my Bible Study is through them. We’re still doing a weekly video study. It’s unique. I hope you will consent to join the mailing list. Next one comes out on Monday.

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