A Conversation


The couple sat across from the young pastor as he broke down the set up of his brilliant idea and how he wants to see them involved. They must have asked him about why he didn’t lead his own church. He gave a resume of his qualifications. Things just “didn’t work out.”

The word he kept using was, “Community,” as he sought to gain the new couple’s attendance to his idea. More than halfway through the conversation, he finally talks about Jesus. What was important in this conversation was a personal study of the couple.

The couple had moved a lot. I wondered what kept them moving. I wondered what keeps a lot of young people from committing to positions, promises, or places? When I go to Bible Studies, I see a lot of people my age or older. Few are the young families. Few are single and young.

So, I’d like to hear from you by email:

  • If you are seeking a sense of community, what keeps you from attending a Bible Study? 
  • What makes you change your mind when you said you would come to something?
  • Do you prefer a Bible Study at a coffee shop or in a church or online?

Email: sistersarah40@yahoo.com