A Lesson in Faith

Mari’s marriage was really a step of faith. She finally trusted the Lord with her future by choosing to make good choices in spite of her fears. She didn’t marry the cop. Mari met a nice young man from California.

As new believers, they asked the pastor to give an evangelical sermon. They lit a unity candle. Mari’s young man sang a love song. In a shower of rose petals, they became man and wife.

Living is faith. I think of Mari when I think of you. We are struggling with making every day choices. Some of us are struggling more than others to emotionally connect with our fellow believers.

What if they reject me?

What if they leave me?

Believing in the risen Lord means trusting our heart to be mended by him even if and when a believer lets us down. Yeah, they could leave, but what if they don’t leave? What if you trust God to mend your heart and risk relationships?

Don’t neglect your friendships because of what people did in the past. Live in the present. Embrace the adventure and open your Bible daily. As Billy Graham says (not a direct quote), “Feast” on the Bible in the morning, and “snack” on it during the day. YouVersion Bible makes it easy to snack on the Bible during the day.

The Bible is life.

If you don’t believe and have questions, email me: sistersarah40@yahoo.com