A Great Group of Women

A card came in the mail. S.M. handed it to me with his car grease covered hand as he walked past me towards the bathroom. The mail man comes at this time of day. I saw the return address and got excited.

As I tore open the envelope, I saw the card and opened it to find the encouragement scrawled on the inside. Our church has a letter writing ministry in which they pray for people in the church before sending the person they prayed for a card.

Every church is different in the Christian world. Some are not so good. Some are great. When humans run a church, it is like your human family–a tad bit dysfunctional and well-meaning.

When I left the LDS church, the LDS ladies kept calling and visiting to my annoyance. They were also well-meaning. The difference here is in what doctrine their beliefs are based upon. It was reading the Bible that persuaded me to turn away from the LDS church and join a Christian one. I read the Bible and prayed.

If you truly believe that God is real and what your church teaches is the truth, you shouldn’t be afraid to look deeper into what your church believes and what the Bible says. God doesn’t change. Even LDS prophets read the Bible.

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