I’m sitting on the most beautiful green lawn beneath the shade of a great blossoming tree; the warmth before the last freeze. The sun is warm on my skin. I lean against the scarred tree trunk and turn my face upwards to watch the petals move from a warm breeze tickling the undersides of the delicate tree buds. The wind is soundless, like the whisper of God’s voice.

In the depths of our fear or despair, we too may think we’re the only one serving God. That may happen right after the height of a success, as it did for Elijah. Psalm 46:10 reminds us to “be still, and know” that He is God. The sooner we focus on Him and His power, the quicker we will see relief from our fear and self-pity. “Still Small Voice” by Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread reminds us to go back to the Bible and focus on Him and His power. How can we believe that God is contained by men and their religious rules and boxes if He is God?

I find that men try to add things to God’s beloved words. Continuing revelation, indeed!

How can a religion be real if not built on a good foundation? And how do we know that the foundation it is built upon is solid? Have you examined other religions and found them wanting? Do you really know all that your church believes? What do you base your beliefs on and why?

Stop trying so hard to earn Salvation and God’s love. You don’t need to work that hard.

Remember the cross? Read the Book of John this week and ask God to reveal Himself to you through that book.

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