Sanctuary Sunday

I feel like that young woman in the half marathon who hits her wall a few hundred feet from the finish line. It’s been that kind of week. 

My email small group didn’t quite pan out. I will be updating this week a new way we can connect, but I’d love to hear how you would like to connect as a small group with Life Church. I can’t do live video as I won’t reveal my identity. I do care about you. 

My heart is for those who no longer believe in the Mormon god, but have questions. My heart is for those who are Mormon and have questions. So, how would you like to meet every week to discuss the Life Church sermons or videos? 


Google Chat/Hangout?

Facebook kicked me out because I wouldn’t prove who I am, but you can be sure that Life Church did a background check on me. I am a safe person to talk to. I don’t want meaningless or shallow conversation. I want to go deep with you. 

Email me: