Surrender Not Self-Reliance

Sitting in traffic with my eyes squinting against the glare of the chrome bumper in front of me, I am reminded once again of my lack of control of circmstances around me. My window is rolled down and I feel the heat rise from the asphalt. The seconds are ticking by and my anxiety is rising. 

I waited til the last minute to leave again. Ten minutes from my destination and I am stuck five cars from a light that won’t change. 

It reminds me of a conversation I had with Sam. 

“Take the Lord out of it,” He said and plunged into the topic we were discussing. His words, “Take the Lord out of it,” reminded me of his focus on being the king and decision maker of his life; of relying on himself. It was hard to believe he said that after just starting to attend church for the past two months. 

Surrender didn’t happen with me until a few years into my walk with Christ. I keep saying this to myself, because he is still making decisions on his strength alone. Surrender is truly falling to our knees and letting go your desire to control everything around you. 

It’s walking with God’s guidance. It’s accepting His invitation to come into His presence. It’s the calm that stills the sea. It prepares you for moments when you are stuck in a situation where you have no control. 

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