Humans are Terrible


That’s the conclusion I came to this week. The week has challenged me as a Christian. It’s a, “Jesus come quickly,” kind of week. People carry their baggage around their necks like medals. Their needs are more important than another person’s and everything is demanded right now.

What’s far more difficult is seeing an atheist get a version of Christianity that is the exception not the rule. I watched this “Christian” show a lack of self-control while she posted stickers that talked about God on her car bumper while showing a complete disregard for the truth.

Yet, it is also a reminder that we are in need of a Savior.

If you work with non-believers, it’s important to remember to act ethically, make good decisions, and acknowledge when you are wrong and make it right. We are not works-based and the reflection of Christ will be a poor one, but for some non-believers, our choices are the only reflection of Jesus they will see.

Non-believers won’t differentiate between false cults and religions, cultural Christians, bad theology, or what it means to be Christian. People don’t often come to Christ squeaky clean, but soiled and in need of a Savior. Their journey begins at that moment. Born again is perfectly described in John 3. We are babies. We thrive on soft theology until we get to solid foods and grow closer to our Lord.

S.M. likes to say, “I don’t like humans.” This week I am in hearty agreement. Conclusion: We are all in need of a Savior every day. 

What confuses you about Christians?