Relationships Matter

StockSnap_Y96OVTOTP2.jpgShe sat across from me, looking down at her fingers, her hair hanging around her face. The full volume of her story poured out in tears and words that cut through my “strictly business” demeanor. I wanted to cry, too.

We worked together. We talked often. Now I am at a new job and we connect only online.  But it’s not the same. Sometimes, it’s nice to sit across from someone and see their facial expressions, hear their voice, and share in their stories, especially when you have so much in common.

I know it must be hard for you to think about church. You picture this austere exterior, heavy pews, hard wood floors, and the pastor way, way over there preaching things. Why do you need church anyway?

You don’t and you do.

God wants us to fellowship with believers. It’s not a requirement for Salvation. He knows our hearts and that we do better with each other than apart from one another.

If you come to my church, you will probably walk past me not even knowing who I am, but I see you. You will see a sea of faces and you’ll feel on the outside at first.

Be patient. 

Friendships take time and the people in those pews or chairs feel just as much intimidation as you do at making new friendships. Meanwhile, work on your relationship with God.

Open that Bible.

Ask someone questions.

Ask me questions:

You are not alone in your doubt and questions.