A Joke in Poor Taste

She shared the joke on Facebook. I laughed until I got to the part where it included Mormonism in the definition of Christian. My impulse was to comment on this. 

Then, I recalled that my family was on my Facebook list and Facebook shows all your activity to your friends. While I pounded the delete button with my index finger in frustration, I also knew the person who posted the joke would get offended. 

People nowadays are easily offended and snap at the slightest perceived insult. 

How did we get this way? 

The thought that stopped me from posting was the lack of relationship that I have with this person. Who am I to correct when I am not a personal friend? I don’t go to church with her and I haven’t earned the right to say anything? Even if I did say something, it would not bring change. If we were close friends, saying something might bring change. 

Each of us should be open to different perspectives. 

Meanwhile, I narrowly avoided an incident. 

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